One more day until Florida!!!

Of course, everything that could go wrong did but maybe that’s just the worst of it. It’s actually 3:15AM on the day we’re leaving (I’m driving to the airport in two hours) and instead of sleeping, I’m updating this. 


2017-01-12 10.11.02

Apple & mango bar

First thing that went wrong: I somehow* left for class ten minutes before it started and I live thirty minutes away. My mind while walking: “that’s it”, except more aggressively. 

*okay, I just hit snooze one too many times while in my mostly asleep stage and didn’t get out of bed early enough. And normally, I shower in five minutes but our landlord just replaced the shower head and instead of a beautiful jet, we now get dribbles. So I had to shower for ten minutes. Already figured out it was a bad day from the start. 


2017-01-12 11.55.12

Peppermint tea — cashews

Second thing that went wrong: I accidentally gave myself an extra hour for lunch because I kept reading the clock one hour behind (e.g. instead of 1:56pm I read 12:56pm). Subsequently missed class and couldn’t come in an hour late because the professor is a stickler for punctuality. The worst part is that my clock is in military time, not analog so what is wrong with my eyes?!?! 


2017-01-12 16.42.37

Tomato & broccoli pasta

Not really something that went wrong, but I could not get satisfied at all and ate an entire pot of pasta. That was meant to be at least five regular servings (not the recommended amount). But after that, Jenny and I pooled all our shoes together and could not find a pair that complemented her romper. When we finally decided, the strap for the romper broke off. 

Late Night Snack:

2017-01-12 23.03.42

Banana rolled w/pb, dark chocolate pieces & apricots

I’m cranky. There’s still so much to do but not enough time. It’s now 3:25am — calling me time and going to work out before I drive off to the airport. But good news, this means I’m up to date as far as 2017 goes! Huzzah!