After a two year hiatus with sporadic postings, I am back (hopefully for good)! Sorry to all the people that texted me; I gave you empty promises. 🙁 

My past two years can be summed up with one word: school. But I’m done now and trying to figure out my next steps. The next 40 hours or so in transit are going to be spent pondering this mild mid-life crisis (for the thousandth time since February). I’m going to be in Tokyo for a week, and then heading down to Hiroshima to visit Christina L. for the following two weeks. Let a girl know if you’ve got any recommendations! 🙂

Lunch (en route to Tokyo):

Dried mango slices — brownie — corn slaw — dinner roll — green tea — chicken w/potatoes (only ate the potatoes)

There was no meal option when booking my flight and unfortunately, vegetarian meals always have to be ordered ahead of time. So I had to eat sad potatoes (then again, when is airplane food not bad?). Shout-out to the airline attendant who asked if I was still hungry and wanted cheese. 

Lunch (different time zone, en route to Tokyo): 

Fruit salad — dinner roll — green tea — beef w/rice (only ate the rice)

Another sad meal while attempting to play Bejeweled. I ended up just watching more of Suits.


While posting, I realised that my “day” on the plane is technically two days due to Tokyo being 13 hours ahead of Michigan.