Feeling a little better, exploring Shibuya today!


Green tea — baguette — barley tea — yogurt drink — milk tea — yuzu lemon tea

Lunch at Lima Cafe, Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan: 

“Combo”: brown rice with assorted veggies and tofu — soup

Brown rice with assorted veggies and tofu

Thought my stomach just didn’t like the lack of vegetables so I purposely went to a vegan eatery in Tokyo. Definitely doesn’t compare to ones in California or New York but I guess it was nourishing. I’ve heard their supermarket section is better (they have a mini market in addition to a cafe). 


Salty lemon water

Felt really dizzy and sweaty, had to sit down in the middle of a busy Shibuya street. I don’t think that food sat well with me so I’m just going to hydrate myself. This is pretty good and tastes exactly as titled. 

Milk tea

Not bad! Would drink it again.

Drink from Cosme Kitchen, Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan: 

Ginger and grapefruit juice (+ other fruits that I couldn’t read)

Still in pain. Grabbed this in an effort to help abate it. 

Late Night Snacks:

Assorted onigiri — takoyaki

Got really hungry so went downstairs to grab these. The takoyaki here isn’t as good as the one in Harajuku. 

Close-up of pickled plum onigiri

Did not  like this. Pickled plums are not my taste, ate around the filling.