Off to Hiroshima to visit Christina! We haven’t seen each other since I graduated two years ago, and our (extremely) impromptu Montreal trip is one of my favourites. 


Green tea

Snack from a matcha cafe, Hiroshima, Japan:

Matcha ice topped with adzuki — Christina’s matcha latte

Snack at this matcha place near the Hiroshima bus station while Christina and I catch up! I really appreciate that Japan has an abundance of matcha cafes serving potent matcha concoctions. 

Dinner at Saizeriya, Hiroshima, Japan:

This is a chain restaurant known as “family style” according to Christina, which I had envisioned as a table topped with food on a huge lazy susan a la Chinese (and Vietnamese) restaurants. In Japan, “family style” places more weight on the style aspect, making Saizeriya comparable to a Chili’s in the states. 

Taste of Christina’s pickled celery

Not a vegetable I would normally pickle, but it’s not bad.

Fries (shared with the table)

Wishing these were KFC potato wedges. 

Seafood spaghetti

Apparently Japan really likes Italian food with their own twist (as you can probably guess, the twist usually involves seafood). I normally like my spaghetti with some fresh tomatoes and basil, so this cream and seafood sauce was rather much. 

Monica’s curry with rice

This is the more traditional stuff, but I didn’t taste any of it.