Exploring Hiroshima city today with Monica and Christina, but it’s not a happy city.

Quite sobering.  


Green tea — kelp onigiri

Lunch at Afternoon Tea, Hiroshima, Japan: 

Monica’s chai float — green smoothie

Trying out this very uppity eatery but my stomach still hurts so smoothie it is. Everyone else’s dishes look delectable though. 

Monica’s spaghetti and chai float

Christina’s chicken sandwich

Christina’s tea cake


Adzuki taiyaki

Snack from Starbucks — Hiroshima City Bus Station, Hiroshima, Japan:

Sip of Christina’s earl grey frapp

Very sweet but the tea flavour isn’t bad! Monica managed to order one without sugar, which is definitely the better choice. 

Dinner at ramen — Hondori, Hiroshima, Japan:

Ramen with the group! 

Kimchi ramen

Stopped by some ramen place near the bus station to have a group dinner before Sara heads back to Okunoshima. 

“Taiwanese meat” noodle soup (didn’t eat)

Late Night Dessert:

Sip of Monica’s matcha latte — matcha ice cream